Discover the exclusive MyBarks sneakers for this Christmas! Only one pair of shoes per model.

¡Descubre las zapatillas exclusivas de MyBarks para esta Navidad! Un único par de zapatos por modelo.

At MyBarks we want to make the Christmas wait much more bearable. That's why we created the MyBarks Advent Calendar . This December, our Instagram stories come loaded with surprises: tips on how to combine your MyBarks, Christmas recipes from the Mediterranean, tips to take care of your sneakers, lots of happiness and, most importantly, exclusive sneaker launches.

As you read, this December we will be launching a capsule collection with exclusive MyBarks sneakers. Why are they exclusive? There is only one pair of that model in a single size in the entire world .

Seven exclusive pairs of MyBarks for seven people

In the search for exclusivity, at MyBarks we came up with the idea of ​​creating a capsule collection consisting of seven pairs of sneakers inspired by Mediterranean Christmas for seven lucky people . The most notable element of this selection of pairs compared to previous collections, in addition to the fact that there is only one pair of sneakers in the world, is the use of different winter textures in their designs.

Using organic materials such as corduroy, suede and wool, we have managed to create seven exclusive pairs of MyBarks ideal for this Christmas. Four pairs of women in size 39 and three pairs of men in size 43 make up this capsule collection, since they are the most used sizes in Spain .

In addition, this capsule collection of sneakers not only opens the doors to new MyBarks designs . But it also establishes an unparalleled standard of exclusivity , transforming the experience of wearing the Mediterranean Essence into an act of singularity and distinction.

The exclusive Napoles Noche sneaker from MyBarks, the first in our Advent Calendar

The first model that will be announced in our stories and, therefore, will go on sale sooner, is the Nápoles Noche sneaker. This black and blue wool boot will be available in size 39 and can only be purchased by one person. So if you like our Nápoles Noche model, keep an eye on our Instagram so you don't miss its launch!

Exclusive Naples Night sneakers from MyBarks
This sneaker is inspired by Christmas lights in its design. Silver and blue sparkles that combine perfectly with the black of the night. The Nápoles Noche sneaker, like all the sneakers in this Christmas capsule collection, also has a warm and soft fleece lining , ideal for these winter months ahead.

The exclusive sneaker with a smile for this Christmas: the Mallorca Gray sneaker

This gray organic cotton model with fleece lining will be available for men in size 43 and will be the second launch in this exclusive MyBarks collection. Its design is inspired by the wood and stone cabins of the Pyrenean mountains , a winter setting that, like the Mallorca Gris, is full of Mediterranean Essence .

Exclusive Mallorca Gray sneakers from MyBarks
In addition, like all MyBarks sneakers , this model has a pine-scented sole, so when you wear them you will have the feeling of being in the Mediterranean Pyrenees itself.

The exclusive Corsica Green sneaker with Mediterranean Essence

The Córcega Verde sneakers are made of velvet on the outside and fleece lining on the inside. Its design is inspired by the Christmas tree , hence its green color and pine aroma . With this fourth launch, the person who purchases their exclusive pair in size 39 will feel closer to Christmas.

Exclusive organic velvet slippers

Likewise, being warm and soft slippers, they are the best gift to accompany you this winter. The big smile of the Córcega Verde will transmit happiness and joy to the person who wears them. Will you be the lucky one?

The exclusive Mallorca Moss sneaker from the MyBarks advent calendar

The fourth release, the Mallorca Moss sneakers, as their name suggests, are inspired by the moss of the Mediterranean forest in their design. In our area, it is typical to use this plant in the decoration of the Nativity scene at Christmas , which is why we thought it necessary to feature this exclusive shoe in the MyBarks Advent Calendar.

Mallorca Moss slippers with fleece lining

Its inspiration and pine aroma make it a shoe worthy of the smiling face brand, since, without a doubt, it is a shoe with a Mediterranean Essence. Like all men's models, the Mallorca Moss will be available in a single size 43.

The exclusive Naples Day sneaker from MyBarks to wait for Christmas

White as the snow of the Mediterranean Pyrenees and warm as being with your family in your own home, the Nápoles Día sneaker made of wool and fleece is ideal for giving as a gift this Christmas. Their exclusive pair will be in size 39 and will offer not only a perfect fit but also a luxurious experience for your feet.

The mix of high-quality organic materials guarantees not only great softness, but also exceptional thermal insulation. Therefore, the person who purchases them will be able to keep their feet warm on the coldest days. Will you be the lucky one who will wear these sneakers with a smile?

The exclusive Sardinia Red sneaker from MyBarks

The design of the Red Sardinia sneakers is inspired by Easter flowers and Santa Claus's typical costume. Like the Corsica Verde, this exclusive MyBarks organic velvet sneaker will be available in size 39 and will be ideal as a Christmas gift.

There is no color more characteristic of Christmas than Red, which is why the Sardinia Red sneakers are so special. Furthermore, as it is a capsule product, only the first person who manages to acquire them will be the one who enjoys them.

The exclusive Mallorca Pana sneaker from MyBarks

The last release you will find in the MyBarks advent calendar will be the Mallorca Pana sneakers. These corduroy booties with fleece lining in size 43 for men have their inspiration in the piles of Mediterranean orange firewood that we use these months in the fireplace of our home.

Its trunk brown tone and pine aroma are perfect for transmitting the Christmas essence of the Mediterranean. A feeling that reminds us of the happiness and joy that MyBarks, The Happy Sole Company, shares. Will you be able to get hold of them?

The first MyBarks sneakers for winter

This capsule collection will be the first from MyBarks designed 100% for winter . All of these sneakers made with organic materials have fleece lining to protect our feet from the cold.

This collection is very important to us. Since at MyBarks we want the Mediterranean Essence to accompany you throughout the year. So with the MyBarks Advent Calendar capsule collection we will open our designs to a new possible future collection of winter sneakers.

So, if you don't want to miss anything from the launch of these seven exclusive sneakers, remember to follow us on Instagram! ( @mybarks_ ) We will upload all the news in our stories during this month of December .