Look - Touch - Smell - Experience

Feel the Mediterranean Essence

Happiness and the Mediterranean Sea are related through the evocative aromas of the region, the happy memories they awaken, the feeling of well-being they provide and the healthy lifestyle they promote.

The combination of these factors is what gives life to MyBarks.

MyBarks is a brand of sneakers and espadrilles handmade on the shores of the Mediterranean with a clear mission: to bring its essence to the last corner of the world.

To do this, we have a differentiating element, our soles release natural scent so that you are in contact with nature even in the big city.

We were born in 2020 struggling to adapt to the constant changes we are experiencing to share our ESENCIA MEDITERRÁNEA with everyone who wants to feel part of it

We are joy and we want you to be part of it too:

Our footwear is made in Spain completely by hand, following a vulcanizing method that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.⁣⁣

At MyBarks, we are committed to manufacturing sustainable, biodegradable footwear that is totally free of animal abuse. ⁣⁣

All our design and manufacturing is aimed at returning, accentuating and promoting everything that nature, and especially, the ecosystem of the land where we are born, the Mediterranean, gives us.


Inspired by our culture

The design of our footwear is inspired by some of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean: Mallorca, Marbella, Siena, Napoles, Verona... What are you waiting for to discover it?