Walking towards a sustainable future with MyBarks

Caminando hacia un futuro sostenible con MyBarks

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, reducing the ecological footprint in the manufacturing of our footwear has become an essential task. At MyBarks we love the Mediterranean, its nature and its tradition. That is why we use organic materials and natural aromas , to respect and protect it throughout the life cycle of our shoes.

And to guarantee that our footwear is respectful of the environment, we have created different seals: the MyBarks Seals . This way we ensure that at MyBarks we closely monitor the production of our products and are committed to the environment .

MyBarks seals of organic materials and commitment to the environment

MyBarks Stamps: MyAroma

Our footwear, handcrafted in Spain, has rubber and natural cork soles . At MyBarks we have found a way to make the aromas of the Mediterranean accompany you in your daily life, for this our soles contain aromatic particles that are released when you walk .

In addition to being our differentiating element, we are proud to say that the natural pine and citrus aromas of our soles are achieved thanks to the natural extracts that we obtain from our Mediterranean environment. For this reason, we have the MyAroma seal which assures us that with this we can share the Mediterranean Essence without damaging our ecosystem.

MyBarks Stamps: MyCorcho

At MyBarks, we create eco-friendly footwear from natural cork that is used to make our soles. Furthermore, to give a second life to the leftover material and with the aim of reducing its consumption , we incorporate the leftover natural cork into the manufacturing process of our labels.

This material has the MyCorcho seal since it is extracted from Mediterranean cork oaks. So we make sure that it is a material that regenerates naturally in its own ecosystem.

MyBarks Stamps: MyCaucho

With the MyCaucho seal we ensure that the rubber we use in the manufacture of our footwear is of natural origin and easily biodegradable . Our soles are made of natural rubber, combined with natural cork, since it is a very versatile organic material with excellent traction properties.

In addition, we follow a traditional vulcanizing treatment process that dates back to the early 20th century, which ensures a lasting bond between the sole and the rest of the shoe. With which we can affirm that our product, in addition to being ecological footwear, is made completely by hand .

MyBarks Stamps: MyJute

With the MyJute seal we guarantee that the jute on the soles of our handmade espadrilles is extracted through an entirely manual process to guarantee its 100% biodegradable nature. This organic material has extensive benefits, of which we highlight its good insulating and antistatic properties, its low thermal conductivity and its moderate moisture retention.

Therefore, since it is natural jute we ensure that less waste is generated. This helps us preserve our Mediterranean environment.

MyBarks Stamps: MyAlgodón

The fifth and final MyBarks label is the MyAlgodón label. This guarantees that our handmade espadrilles and slippers are made from organic cotton of national origin . Therefore we managed to reduce 91% of water consumption . Furthermore, as it is produced in Spain, our carbon footprint due to transportation is also reduced.

On the other hand, to give color to our footwear, we use natural dyes, reducing the use of chemicals during the production process. As well as, to dye organic cotton, we apply a highly environmentally friendly enzymatic cleaning process .

Verona Sage green women's lace-up casual sneaker by MyBarks

Thus, thanks to these five seals, we demonstrate that our handmade footwear goes further. MyBarks Seals represent genuine commitment to sustainability, ethics and quality , thus guaranteeing the protection of our sea and our land.

So walking in a pair of MyBarks shoes not only feels good on your feet, but it's also a positive step for the planet!