What colors characterize the Mediterranean? The MyBarks Palette

¿Qué colores caracterizan el Mediterráneo? La paleta de MyBarks

The Mediterranean is a dream place where the blue skies are reflected in the crystal clear waters and the white buildings shine in the sunlight. At MyBarks we are committed to capturing the Mediterranean Essence and taking it to the last corner of the planet through our footwear handcrafted in Spain.

For this reason, our color palette reflects the beauty and visual richness of the Mediterranean. Keep reading to find out!

The blue of the Mediterranean

The color blue is synonymous with tranquility, freshness and serenity. Therefore, we can say that it is a tone synonymous with the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore, clear skies are typical of our region, so it is a color that acquires a lot of strength when talking about our essence.

Models such as the Nápoles Aquamarine , the Verona Indigo , the Mallorca Air Blue or the Marbella Indigo are those that are inspired by this Mediterranean tone in their design. These models thus manage to convey the joy of being in contact with the sea even miles away from it.

Verona Indigo sneaker with pine scent from MyBarks

The white in the Mediterranean

White is the color of the classic architecture of this region. Its use reflects elegance and simplicity . Furthermore, whitewashed buildings are a distinctive feature of many of the coastal areas ranging from the Greek Islands to the Spanish coasts.

White is not a color used in the Mediterranean only for its aesthetics, but also for practical reasons. As a clean, bright shade, white helps keep buildings cool during the warmer months.

As well as in architecture, white is also reflected in the typical clothing of the region, especially in the typical clothing of Ibiza. This color gives a touch of simplicity and luminosity to any style. For this reason, at MyBarks we have sneakers like the Napoles model, the Verona , the Mallorca or the Menorca in Offwhite or Ivory . To be able to take a piece of the eternal beauty of this unique region in the world with you.

Casual sneaker in ivory white color MyBarks

The nature of the Mediterranean green

Although the Mediterranean is known for being a region of arid land, its forests full of pine trees and its crop fields create landscapes where green is the protagonist. This tone adds a touch of freshness and vitality to every corner.

Olive trees, for example, are an iconic element in many parts of the Mediterranean. Its green color stands out against the blue sky and rocky ground, creating memorable places. For this reason, at MyBarks we are also inspired by the color of hope in the design of our footwear. Models such as the Menorca , the Mallorca , the Napoles or the Verona have their design in green, thus creating a very aesthetic link with the Mediterranean nature.

Naples Butterfly green casual sneaker with pine scent MyBarks

The yellow of the Mediterranean sun

The sun shines on our earth about 300 days a year. Its warm, golden light bathes the coast, creating an atmosphere full of joy and light. Furthermore, it is not only the sun that bathes the Mediterranean in yellow, but also our sand, our citrus crops and part of our coastal architecture.

When it comes to Mediterranean sand, its color is light yellow or golden, and when mixed with the reflection of the sun on the water it creates a very welcoming warm feeling . On the other hand, the yellow of our lemons contributes to creating vibrant landscapes full of life. The same thing happens with Mediterranean architecture. There are many areas of our land in which doors and windows are painted yellow, adding vitality to the landscape.

Thus, we can affirm that yellow is one of the colors that transmits the most diverse sensations in the Mediterranean. Joy and vitality as well as warmth are the sensations that this golden tone evokes, and we want it to convey this in our designs. Models such as the Nápoles , the Verona , the Mallorca or the Marbella also have their design inspired by the color of the sand and the sun to give a vibrant touch to each outfit.

Yellow Napoles Oroma High sneaker with pine scent by MyBarks

Terracotta in the Mediterranean

The architecture and nature of many places in the Mediterranean have the terracotta color as the most characteristic tone of their landscape. Whether due to the use of tiles or bricks in its construction, or its arid soils, this color brings a tone of warmth and tradition to the Mediterranean region.

In fact, especially in Spain, it is very common to see buildings with terracotta tiles or pots and vases with plants. These elements provide a touch of authenticity and connection with the agricultural tradition of the region . And the rustic aspect of this reddish color is also identified in many of the soils of our crops. Olive trees and vineyards, among others, are grown in fertile terracotta and brown soil.

On the other hand, there are also many cliffs that overlook the Mediterranean Sea that are colored with this palette. Coasts such as those of Crete or the Balearic Islands have terracotta and red rock formations that add drama and beauty to their landscape. Thus, our Siena , Naples , Marbella or Menorca sneakers also have their design in this unique color.

Marbella Carmine red slip-on with pine scent by MyBarks
In this sense, as you have seen, the colors of the Mediterranean play a fundamental role in the inspiration of MyBarks . The blue tones of the crystalline sea, the luminous whites of coastal architecture, the natural greens of vegetation, the golden yellows of the sun and the terracottas of architectural tradition are intertwined in each of our designs.

Explore, dream and live the Mediterranean with our footwear handmade in Spain !