Discover the story behind MyBarks: Where the Mediterranean inspires Happiness

MyBarks Esencia Mediterránea The Happy Sole Company

In a market crowded with footwear brands, finding a brand that stands out not only for the quality of its products, but also for its unique commitment to spreading happiness, is inspiring.

At MyBarks we have achieved just that. Incorporating the Mediterranean essence at every step, thus creating a special place where transmitting joy is paramount.

MyBarks: The Happy Sole Company

MyBarks starts in 2020 with a simple but powerful idea: to provide happiness by maintaining the Mediterranean essence in each of our products .

MyBarks Logo

The year we founded MyBarks was an exceptional and challenging year for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic brought drastic changes to everyday life. Furthermore, movement restrictions made us feel far from our roots even when we were close. With this feeling of uncertainty and isolation, MyBarks was born with the idea of ​​getting closer to the Mediterranean even when we are far away and, most importantly, transmitting happiness .

However, MyBarks is not a brand that emerged overnight. Our history in the footwear sector goes back many years. Thus, with extensive experience in the manufacturing and design of footwear, we offer high-quality handmade slippers and espadrilles .

Our Mediterranean Essence

Mediterranean DNA flows through our veins. A heritage that is nourished by the Arab, Roman and Greek influences that have left their mark on their land. Thus, our identity is forged in the harmonious coexistence of different traditions, a constant reminder of the cultural richness and diversity that permeate our lifestyle .

We are the product of a shared history , of the passion to transmit that unique heritage through each step we take with a touch of happiness. More specifically, our story begins in Vall d'Uixó , a municipality located in the Valencian Community that in the last century had footwear manufacturing as an economic engine.

Vall d'Uixó, with its diverse natural environment, which includes mountains, orange groves and the Mediterranean Sea less than 10 minutes away, provides us with a palette of colors, textures and unique experiences . Therefore, we are inspired by our environment to design our products and thus reflect the Mediterranean beauty that surrounds us.

La Vall d'Uixó, the Mediterranean town where MyBarks is manufactured

It is this natural beauty that also reminds us of the importance of preserving our environment. That's why we strive to use sustainable materials and responsible practices in our production . In addition, our location connects us with the rich tradition of artisanal footwear manufacturing. Here, craftsmanship and commitment to quality are part of the local culture.

Marbella Mustard Slip On Sneaker MyBarks

At MyBarks we are passionate about what we do

Our passion for what we do is the engine that drives every step we take. We don't just limit ourselves to thinking about fashion or design, but we also have a deep desire to connect you with where you come from.

Have you never felt far from home or missed your roots? At MyBarks we know that feeling of nostalgia, that's why we want to offer you a solution. That is, we want our footwear to remind you of your roots , not only because of its color, but also because of the aroma of citrus and pine that it gives off. We want you to feel close to the Mediterranean wherever you are.

We not only offer you a pair of shoes , but an emotional link with the Mediterranean. Therefore, our passion for what we do translates into creating an experience that goes beyond fashion , we want to connect with your origins and make you feel at home.

Where do we want to go?

The happy sole company ” is not just a slogan, but a lifestyle that we want to share with all of you. We believe that shoes should be comfortable and cheerful, as well as beautiful. Furthermore, in our culture, life is enjoyed to the fullest, which is why it is important to have maximum comfort.

Our mission is to bring the Mediterranean Essence to every corner of the world. This, in addition to the culture, color and aromas, also means bringing the happiness that is breathed in our land to the whole world. We want you to feel the freshness of the Mediterranean, the joy of living outdoors and the comfort of being close to your home with every step you take.

Men's casual lace-up sneaker blue Menorca Indigo

To this end, although we started and continue to be a footwear brand, our vision extends much further. If you ask us “where do we want to go?”, our answer is clear: we want to be, more than a shoe brand, a lifestyle . This implies that in the future, we want to offer a greater variety of products and experiences that share the Mediterranean Essence.

In fact, little by little we are achieving it. Right now, in addition to footwear made in Spain, we have also added accessories , such as caps or carrycots, to our inventory.

Capri MyBarks Light Blue Unisex Cap

So at MyBarks we are proud of our roots and our history is a reminder that sometimes the deepest inspiration comes from the places we love.

Now that you know the story behind our passion for comfort, joy and the Mediterranean Essence. What are you waiting for to join our community of Mediterranean lovers? Discover our new collection .