What aromas characterize the Mediterranean? The essence of MyBarks

Zapatillas hechas artesanalmente en España con aroma a pino y cítricos

The Mediterranean is a geographical region known for its gastronomy , its culture and its diverse aromas . Its climate, geography and vegetation are what make this area a place with great variety and richness.

From the sea to its vegetation, through its gastronomy. The smell of the Mediterranean is unique . That's why at MyBarks we want to share it with everyone.

The aroma of the Mediterranean Sea

The smell of the Mediterranean Sea is characterized by sea breeze and salinity. That's why we can say that it stands out for being a fresh aroma capable of evoking a feeling of calm and relaxation .

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In fact, the Mediterranean is one of the most popular regions in the world due to its coastal beauty and the sensory experience it offers. Not only the sound of the sea has relaxing effects. But also its fresh fragrance helps reduce stress.

In this sense, we can affirm that the well-being and happiness of people are closely linked to the aroma of our sea . In addition to reducing stress, this distinctive smell also has the power to evoke happy memories.

The aroma of Mediterranean vegetation

Rosemary, thyme, lavender, sage, pine forests and even citrus. Our area has great vegetation characterized by its aromatic components. Due to the hot and dry climate of the Mediterranean, plants release aromatic fragrances as a strategy to conserve their humidity and resist high temperatures.

Furthermore, the fact that it covers so many countries means that its variety is also wide:

  • Rosemary : This common aromatic herb has a fresh, herbaceous aroma that, like MyBarks sneakers , features notes of pine and citrus . This plant has value in both cooking and aromatherapy, and even has a symbolic meaning of attracting good luck and happiness.
  • Thyme : This plant has an aroma similar to rosemary, but with earthier and warmer nuances. Its use in teas and essential oils, as well as in gastronomy, makes it a highly valued herb with relaxing properties.
  • Lavender : this plant is also one of those that most characterizes the Mediterranean. It has a floral, sweet and relaxing fragrance. In fact, we find a long history of use in traditional medicine because its aroma causes relaxation and even happiness.
  • Wild herbs : finally, the vegetation that is most abundant in our area is wild herbs such as oregano, basil or dill. Its aromatic fragrances are the ones that stand out the most in the gastronomy of our region.

The aroma of Mediterranean forest

The smell of Mediterranean forest is characteristic of southern Europe, northern Africa and parts of the Middle East. We highlight the Mediterranean pine forests for their distinctive and charming aroma. Furthermore, we can describe it as a fresh, resinous and aromatic aroma .

This characteristic aroma is one of the most outstanding in the Mediterranean. Therefore, to be able to take it all over the world, at MyBarks we have incorporated the smell of pine into the soles of our sneakers .

Casual sneaker with pine scent Verona Sage

Thus, thanks to the aroma of the tall trees mixed with the heat of the sun, our forests achieve a very relaxing sensation of warmth mixed with freshness. It is this happiness that we want to transmit with our footwear.

The smell of wild flowers

Although the variety of wildflowers in the Mediterranean climate is very wide, they all share the same type of aroma. Mediterranean wildflowers share fresh, sweet and often intense fragrances.

In fact, in addition to lavender, which we have already talked about, we highlight jasmine, roses and orange blossom as the most notable flowers in this area. Especially the orange blossom, also known as the orange blossom. Its aroma is pleasant and full of identity. In fact, in addition to having unmistakable fresh floral and citrus notes, orange blossom has a soft and sweet aroma.

The aroma of Mediterranean gastronomy

Mediterranean cuisine is valued worldwide for its variety of fresh and tasty ingredients, which also have a distinctive and delicious aroma.

Some of the ingredients and foods that we highlight most in Mediterranean gastronomy include:

  • Olive oil: extra virgin olive oil is one of the ingredients that most characterizes our cuisine. Its fruity aroma and flavor make it present in most dishes from this region.
  • Fresh herbs: as we have mentioned previously, herbs such as basil, oregano, rosemary, parsley or thyme are those that add fragrance to Mediterranean dishes.
  • Garlic and onion: these aromatic ingredients are frequently used in our cooking. Garlic and onion are often the main protagonists of many sauces and stews due to their characteristic aroma and flavor.
  • Fresh tomatoes : one of the fruits that stands out the most in our area is, without a doubt, the tomato. Whether in the form of sauces, salads or incorporated into many regional dishes, this vegetable provides a very distinctive fresh and sweet aroma.
  • Spices : the aromatic touch of spices such as cumin, saffron or paprika are commonly used to season Mediterranean dishes. In fact, although our spices are not particularly intense, like in India or Mexico, we are one of the areas that incorporates the most dried herbs into our dishes.
  • Seafood and fresh fish: thanks to the Mediterranean Sea that bathes our coasts, the consumption of fish and shellfish is very common. This also provides a distinctive and characterizing aroma of our land.
  • Freshly baked bread: bread is one of the most common accompaniments in Mediterranean cuisine. Furthermore, its aroma is unmistakable and surely will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Citrus fruits : lemons and oranges are also foods that stand out for their smell in our area. Both in dessert form and when used in dishes and salads, its aroma is completely distinctive and fresh.

Mediterranean citrus fruits

If there is something notable in our gastronomy, it is lemons, oranges and tangerines . Its distinctive and fresh smell characterizes our region. In fact, these fruits are not only truly attractive in our kitchen, but also in perfumery.

Thanks to its notes that combine acidity with sweetness and its vibrant aroma, Mediterranean citrus fruits become iconic elements of our region. And we can affirm that our lemons and oranges evoke images of sunny coasts, sea breezes and the countryside of our region. That is why at MyBarks we wanted to incorporate this characteristic aroma into the soles of our espadrilles . Because if there is an aroma that best characterizes the Mediterranean area, in addition to its pine and coniferous forests, this is undoubtedly the smell of orange and lemon.

Espadrilles made in Spain with citrus aroma MyBarks

In addition, the citrus aroma is also used in aromatherapy for its stimulating and refreshing properties. An aroma that, without a doubt, evokes happiness and gives energy to anyone who smells it.

The aroma of wine and olive

If there are two rural industries that stand out in the Mediterranean, in addition to the citrus industry, this is without a doubt the wine industry and the olive industry. Especially the areas in southern Spain and Italy have the most wine and olive industries.

Regarding the smell of the wine, it is commonly characterized by having fruity notes, especially apple and peach if it is white and cherry and strawberry if it is red; floral aromas, such as orange blossom; oak aromas, due to the barrels in which they are stored; and earthy notes, like wet earth or truffles.

On the other hand, the aroma of EVOO is a fresh and fruity aroma that is reminiscent of its tree, the olive tree. In fact, the more pronounced its aroma, the better its elaboration.

The MyBarks scent

After this journey through all the smells that characterize our area, the only thing left to highlight is our own. At MyBarks we have the mission of bringing the Mediterranean essence to the end of the world.

Therefore, we not only want to transmit the style and quality of our land, but also the Mediterranean aroma. To do this, our soles contain pine and citrus aromatic particles that are released when walking, two of the aromas that stand out most in our region.

The objective of this is none other than to transmit happiness to everyone who wears our MyBarks . And the Mediterranean Sea and happiness are completely related through their aromas. So, what are you waiting for to be happy? Discover what the Mediterranean smells like with MyBarks !

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